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Re: The 25lb Challenge November thread

I'm 5'3" -right now at around 155 I am wearing a very worn pair of American Eagle 12s. they are losening up, but I'm not ready for a 10 yet (lol especially not a new pair!). I haven't worn a 12 in about 5 years. I was carrying extra weight before I got pregnant so I am below my prebaby weight - my next goal is to hit the 20 lb mark. Jeans are so tough- millions of brands/sizes/styles and still the muffin top. Any tightening excercises/tricks? Now that I'm losing some of that fat I still have extra loose skin - for lack of better term!

My yay! of the week is that I rode the stationary bike for 60 minutes yesterday (450 cal according to the machine, can not wait for my hrm to get here!)! My endurance is waay up from when we first started this adventure

Great job everyone!
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