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Re: Nintendo DSi or 3DS?

So I know this is not on your list, but we just decided to get our kids the ipod touches instead of the 3ds. My kids have old ds' and like them, but ds was asking for a 3ds, he is 7 so the eye issues are not supposed to be as big a deal (although I am not so sure) and the 3DS XL here is like $200 and then we would still need to get games. Why we went with the touches was b/c we figured games are a very easy incentive and much more attainable-he can earn a couple bucks to buy a game for a touch much easier than the 30 or 40 for a ds game. Plus as they get older they can use it for music, they can facetime their grandparents that are far away, and we can tie it to dh itunes account.

I found refurbished ones on the apple store website for $129, including shipping and 1 year warranty. There are so many cool educational games and such too, many for free, that we figured it would be a better fit for our kids. Not saying the nintendos aren't great, but just wanted to toss out another option b/c it was one we hadn't really thought of-hadn't really considered the touch for 'gaming' but then again, our kids are young and don't need fancy games, just something fun for in the car or whatever.
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