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Originally Posted by drunkenmonkeysmommy1

I wanted to mention about the bolded, while that is usually true, it is not always so. My ds lost speech at age one and has been severely delayed until recently(age 9). And he is still somewhat delayed.
He is incredibly smart, but processes things differently, has sensory issues, has no emotional response control(he is doing SO MUCH better with this lately), does not "get" social cues, add a little adhd and ocd in there and that about sums it up, lol.
But I would not change anything about him
Sure they can have a secondary speech delay but the dsm states that there is normal or above normal speech in children with aspergers. Its part of the diagnostic criteria. (Speech prior to 2nd birthday)

Pddnos does have a speech delay.

Not that any of it matters since both pddnos and aspergers will no longer exist after the 2013 dsm 5 comes out. Which is so silly!
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