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Med & Lg Shorties - ALL SOLD

Paypal only, pet friendly home. Most items are shipped within 2 days of cleared payment. Items are shipped First Class or Priority, unless there is a significant difference in price between Priority and Parcel. Can ship international for an extra charge. More FS in siggy!

ISO: Thirsties duo wrap size 1, small girly wool.

All have been washed in Naturally Luxe WOW wash, Mango Lassi scent. Some will need lanolizing - ran out of lanolin! Measurements are of clean, unblocked wool. If you need any other measurements, just ask.


Medium shorties. Board short length. Yarn is Purewool 3ply merino. $25ppd $22ppd
4.5" inseam, 17.5" rise.

Large Blue shorties. 3.5" inseam, 19" rise. $20ppd $18ppd

Large shorties, board short length. Yarn is Peace Fleece, nice and sturdy for a toddler! Bulletproof too. $25ppd $22ppd
5" inseam, 18" rise.

Large shorties, board short length. Yarn is Spiffy Knits "Blueberry Land" on BFL $30ppd $27ppd
3.5" inseam, 20.5" rise.


SOLD Newborn shorties, yarn is Purewool "Fresh Blue" on 3ply merino. $15ppd
1" inseam, 14" rise.

SOLD Small shorties. Yarn is DBK "Storybook Ending" on BFL. $20ppd
2" inseam, 14.75" rise.

Medium soaker. Can't remember who made this. $20ppd
18" rise, 19" hip

Medium scrappy shorties. 3" inseam, 16.5" rise. $20ppd

Medium Be-Bops longies, has sling soaker for extra protection. $25ppd
9" inseam not including gusset or footie, 18" rise.

SOLD Large shorties, board short length. Yarn is Patons merino. $15ppd
4.5" inseam, 19.5" rise, 21" hip.

SOLD Large longies. Yarn is Patons merino. 9.5" inseam, 18.5" rise, 20" hip. $20ppd

Medium longies. Yarn is DBK "Edward" on Mountain Meadow. $40ppd
10.5" inseam, 17.5" rise.

Large longies. Yarn is Zen String "Emperor" on Nirvana worsted. 12" inseam, 21.5" hip, 20" rise. $40ppd

Medium longies. Yarn is WWBN "Bug" on BFL. Orange has bled onto some of the white. $30ppd
8" inseam, 17.5" rise, 20.5" hip.

Medium shorties. Felted through crotch, bulletproof. $20ppd
2.5" inseam, 17" rise, 20.5" hip

Large shorties, board short length. Yarn is MM "Dragon's Lair" on Merino Rambouillet. LOVED these! $30ppd
5" inseam, 19.5" rise.

Small longies. Elastic waist, felted through crotch, bulletproof. $20ppd
7.5" inseam, 16.75" rise.

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