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Re: How do you Survive in Same town as Parents/In Laws?

Originally Posted by MrzP427 View Post
See this is exactly how i feel. I just cant talk to her at all about it. No matter what I say she ignores me so Ive been trying to stay in my apartment as much as possible until I can move. She keeps asking why I dont come over and I keep telling her that Im busy. I lie only because theres no having a conversation with her.

So off topic but I still have some diapers and Matching Fleece shorties you made for both my sons back in 2008. I just cant seem to part with them lol
Really?? Do you have pics? I'm trying to remember lol

Originally Posted by qsefthuko View Post
This is what I would do.

When my dd was little my mother tried to take over. I finally had to flat out say my kid my way. You don't have to like it but you do have to abide by it. She tried telling me that as the grandmother she had some say in things. I told her no way, no how. Not happening. Either she could accept this or she couldn't see my dd. Suggestions were always welcome but the decision to follow them would be mine and my husbands. She has said recently I was very possessive of my daughter when she was little but still does not seem to realize she was being controlling. It doesn't matter though she is entitled to her opinion as long as she understands if she wants access to my kids she has to accept my wishes.

The first to I was forced to make this clear she stormed out and wouldn't talk to me for several days. She came around. We have had to do this scenario every 4-5 years.

Despite this my mother and I are close usually talking every day. Sometimes several times daily. Except of course when I have to reinforce my rule my kids my way. Then she needs a few days to cool off.
I really hate that. How can you be possessive of your own child?? I know my MIL would say the same thing but a parent doesn't act that way for no reason. Plus, its our right to raise our children however we wish. If that means we choose to keep them away from nutcases, than that's our right. I also hate when grandparents think they have a right to our children. They had their chance, itso ur turn and I'm sure they got just as annoyed with their family and/or ILs butting in. My MIL acts like our boys are her kids (she had two late mc's which I understand the pain personally but she doesn'tknow where todraw the line) and she treats DF and I like her surrogate husband because hers refuses to do ANYTHING. Goes to bed at 5pm and won't go shopping, to shows, movies, day trips, etc. So she latches onto us and our kids which normally isn't a problem but again, she can't figure out where the line is. DF finally saw the light when she treated him like crap when DS2 was in the NICU for 3 weeks.

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