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Question for people who are senstive to scents-Scentsy?

I couldn't figure out how to make a shorter title.

I tend to be fairly sensitive to many scents. Spray perfume or body spray of any kind makes my eyes water and gives me headaches. It often bothers me even when other people wear it. Scented candles are generally okay, but often lotions, gels, bath products, incense, etc. are overpowering to me and I find them yucky. I can use scented soap, essential oils, solid perfume.

Almost all room fresheners/air fresheners are totally overwhelming to me and the spray kind (Febreze, bathroom sprays) give me headaches. Both of my kids have classrooms that have such strong air fresheners that they come home and I can smell it on their clothing and backpacks. When I enter these rooms it is so strong that I can hardly stand to be in there longer than 5 minutes and I feel like I can taste the stuff.

However, I went into a different classroom (I work at the school) and the person's room smelled amazing, like cookies. I asked about it and she told me it was Scentsy. I'm kind of curious if I would like it in my classroom or my house or if I would eventually find it annoying or headache inducing. I was only in the room about 20 minutes but it didn't bother me during that time.

Anyone else a scent sensitive person? Have you had a good or bad experience with Scentsy products?
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