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I'm really sensitive to chemicals like you mentioned - air freshener sprays, commercial air fresher "plug-ins" etc. Even some strong oil diffusers or candles will give me a headache.

My mom uses Scentsy. I love some of the more mild Yankee candles/Scentsy bars. I find that with Scentsy (and Yankee) I can tolerate the more mild scents, since there are still ones that seem really overpowering to me. I usually will only burn a candle for an hour or so even if it is something mild (like vanilla, or a beachy scent). When my mom warms her Scentsy or burns a candle all day, I still find the smell very strong when I visit.

Hope all of that makes sense... I think it really depends on the scents you choose and how long you use it. I know that makes all the difference for me. HTH
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