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Re: How do you handle requests to Santa?

You're probably not the only one no.

But I like the requests. I don't always know exactly what they want, and they don't always want what *I* would like them to enjoy. i.e. DD is very girly girl. I struggle with accepting her interests for what they are and wanting to throw in other items simply because they are not so gender specific. So I do like requests because I can at times make suggestions like pps mentioned to see how the suggestion goes over. If I get a receptive response I know it's more likely to be played with than if I randomly choose something to try to diversify her interests. Does that makes sense?

We also don't watch TV with ads or take them to toys stores often so there generally aren't spontaneous "I want this!" comments if we don't sit down and make a list. We usually look things up online while making the lists.
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