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Re: Anyone NOT like Heart of Dakota???

I've used all the HOD programs from preschool to gr. 8...that would be LHTH thru RTR. I think that covers about 7 of their curriculums.

Before that I used AO Horizons with my oldest, then WTM, then MFW for a few years stopping after ECC.

My dd got bored with MFW. After a few years it was the same format day in and day out. I had to switch. She did learn a lot, just boredom set in hard after a bit and we both needed a change.

I LOVE HOD. In the younger years, it may seem a bit disjointed as the other poster said. My littles weren't too into the poems and silly stuff. I would usually read that every other day. We picked and choose what to do. Overall, the info was solid and at such a young age they were getting in a lot anyways.

For the older children, getting into Bigger and up, there is so much meat. Sometimes you wonder if they pick things up, and they do. That becomes evident when you watch history specials on t.v. and all the sudden your child is rattling off all the info a step or two ahead of the program you're watching. It makes ya feel good to see they are retaining.

You can tweak it as you want. Go half-speed at the times you need to. Whatever. It is nice having the lesson plans all done for you. It is nice having a character trait of the main people in the stories you are reading to be focused on (MFW does not do that) and pull verses that go alongside. It flows nicely.

We don't do all of the history activities, and a few science ones get skipped. You use all household materials for things like this. However, with our food allergies I am not gonna us my expensive flours to make things...and we don't dare buy the gluten filled stuff to use. We'll find alt. things to do, or talk about it, etc. for those activities.

I hemmed and hawwed for a bit over leaving MFW for HOD. Once I did I've never looked back. We've been with HOD for 4-5 years. It's solid. My girls love it and all 3 of them have different personalities and learning styles. It fits them all. It saves mommy the lesson planning time, which is a huge plus.

You can find packages used on various boards, and I've never had a problem selling mine once I'm done. Every year I get to sell one now as my youngest gets done with them.

If you are going to try it, my suggestion is just to get the economy materials, and story time books. Do not get the extension packs. If you find at a later time that you can fit them in, then buy them separately. Also, until my children have been in the middle school grades, we've never had time for DITHOR. I bought it thinking we would, and I should...and it's not a biggie. They read enough on their own that they just needed to do that in the younger grades, not worrying about an extra program for them.
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