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Re: Real homes with kids in them

I keep a very well kept house but, I dont have interior design skills at all. My house is very kid friendly and warm and inviting. I have a couch that I consider to be kid friendly in the fact that they can build a fort from the cushions, and the covers come off and are washable. It was a cheap couch and I am not going to loose sleep over the little things that go wrong when you have kids. But I also have rules for the house that help keep it running smooth and mostly clean. We dont eat anywhere but at the table. It keeps stains from happening and finger prints being all over everything. My kids also have to ask before they get anything to eat. I dont keep anything but my bill catcher and my veggie bins on the counters. I clean as I go especially when cooking. Toys are contained to one room. No toys in the bedrooms so they stay very clean. There is only beds and dressers in rooms with the exception of my oldest having a bookshelf and her instruments in there. When clothes are taken off they get put directly into the correct bin according to colors. I wash dry and fold on a certain day, and I stay on top of it. Our washer and dryer are also upstairs with the bedrooms so it makes it easier. My kids have a crap ton of toys, but they pick them up as soon as they get done playing. Everything in my house has a bin, drawer, cabinet, shelf, or container it belongs in. Now if you go in my garage first you would assume I am a slob because it is a disaster in there, but that is my husband's responsibility. So you can have a clean house, that is kid friendly, and inviting for others. Honestly I have not seen one house on here that I consider to be even like 1% bad as far as being dirty.
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