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Re: Anyone NOT like Heart of Dakota???

I was using LHFHG this summer and decided to switch to SL bc of the 27 reasons to buy sonlight article. My number one reason for switching is the fact that HOD guides tell me (and my kids) how to think instead of letting them wrestle with ideas and form their own opinions (with my guidance, of course). The more I thought about it, the more I wanted my kids to think for themselves (again with my guidance, of course) instead of an unknown author/stranger telling them how to think and telling me exactly what to tell them. I do love hod Christ centered ness and I agree with her theology, but it's too "bossy."

I do love the hands on activities being right there planned out for me but I do love the "authentic" hands on that SL dd uses her imagination and brings what's she is learning from SL books without me telling her "now pretend youre a princess and find baby Moses."

Also, I'm so turned off by the HOD message boards. They are like one big advertisement. If you are struggling with hod, they suggest you try something else hod related. They don't really SAY that maybe hod isn't right for your family. I had a post removed "due to tone" bc I suggested a poster search on a less biased board to find unbiased reviews of different curriculums.

(and believe me switching mid-HOD-guide was not an easy or quick decision for my family, but I'm glad that we've chosen SL!)

So, I'd say try it and see and I think you can return the guide in 30 days?

ETA I should add that Sonlight presents heavier content at a younger age. The main reason I chose so light is summed up in what another poster said on the sonlight boards: "Sonlight's #10 and #3 goals are to help its customers raise "culturally literate students" and "children with a godly heart for the world".**In reality most of the children of the world aren't as safe and protected as our kids.**And I believe our kids NEED to know that--not to pop their security bubbles and make them anxiety driven people, but so they come to learn that true security is found in Christ.**And so that they develop Christ-like compassion for those around them."
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