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Originally Posted by Msheidiann View Post
YEP. Scratch that last post. We are at a standstill. The old social worker messed up. BIG TIME. The petition to terminate rights on the unknown father was denied because family court is saying a hearing had to happen to clear the ICWA issue, even though the county already did everything to clear it. I guess juvenile court and family court "interpret" the law differently. and nobody caught this mistake. We could be in for another 7 month + wait because of this oversight. We are livid. And sad. And...just pissed off. Lead county council now has the case in his hands and hopefully he can call a hearing to try to fix some of it...because the county maintains that they did everything they were suppose to do, and it should not have been denied. EY YI YI. If you are of the praying kind...we could use them. I am just trying to remind myself that Thomas isn't GOING anywhere...but what a blow.
will pray

(reading this is bringing back bad memories/emotions from our time with a kiddo "in the system" )
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