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Re: WHY are MILs so terrible?

Originally Posted by Mama*Kim View Post
Is it bad that I'm ok with the fact that my MIL and FIL passed away before DH and I ever met? DH has always told me that his parents weren't particularly easy to get along with and his mother wouldn't have been fond of me since I'm not Korean. She also would have expected to live with us since we have the youngest grandkids.
No, I don't think that's bad, just honest. DH's parents are actually his aunt and uncle, and they adopted him and his sister as teenagers, so there is a drastically different relationship dynamic there than there would be with a biological parent, which I think is why I get along so well with her. From stories about DH's biological mother (who died when he was 3), I probably would not have gotten along with her as well as I do with his mom now. She is very respectful of our need for space and the need to parent our child the way we see fit, but she is there for us when and how we need her, but isn't judgmental and only gives us her opinion if we ask for it. Mostly she is just supportive.
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