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Re: The No Stink, No Complications Laundry Solution!

Originally Posted by D&MsMommy View Post
Just out of curiosity.. are my boys the only ones sensitive to Tide? I always see others having success with Tide, so I tried it out a few months back. I rinsed the heck out of the diapers since I could smell the fragrance so strongly still. My boys are REALLY sensitive to a lot of things, so I wasn't surprised when the Tide gave them a horrible rash.
Nope, you're not the only one. I quit using Tide in college because my roommate had horrible reactions to it. Landed her in the hospital on more than one occasion. We shared towels and clothes so I quit using Tide on my stuff and never went back.

I'm pretty new to CD (4 months in) and I've been using Ruby Moon detergent because I was a "brain-washed" newbie. It's been working great for us so rashes, no stinkies, no ammonia...NO PROBLEMS.

I am thrilled to read this thread though because I have heard of the dreaded toddler pee and am so glad to know I won't have to run circles around myself if I ever end up with problems. I'll just try my normal detergent (Method Free & Clear) before I spend any extra money on anything else! DUH!!!
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