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Re: WHY are MILs so terrible?

Originally Posted by Rdesonia View Post
I get along with most people... My MIL is just insane. I find it really hard to get along with someone who is illogical, moody, and nosy. She is manipulative and so its hard to know if she is really losing her mind or if she just is pretending to so she can be even more lazy. Dh just keeps telling her because we live in a rural area our cell reception/internet keeps dying. So if she annoys us.. we just hang up on her.

I am sorry for you having to deal with this but it made me

We do the same thing.

I felt so bad bc my SIL called me yesterday hysterical with a migraine about to have an anxiety attack and she just needed to vent about mil. Well after she was done her head felt better and she was a little more relaxed.

Last night we got the crazy non-stop calling and text messaging--the weird thing is--we talk to her ALL THE TIME!! and she acts like if we do not pick up the phone once we are shutting her out of our lives and are refusing to let the kids talk to her. I would never do that--dh would I wouldn't though.

But that is all I am going to say about that!
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