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Re: WHY are MILs so terrible?

I love my MIL, but we have def had our ups and downs. My husband and I got pregnant when we were both 20, we were just babies ourselves, and she was EXTREMELY happy! She is a bit older and had been waiting to be a grandmother for a while. Fast-forward a couple of years, I was doing very well in college, husband had been working for the same company several years, (still does 12 years later) and I became pregnant again - the catch was we still weren't married. She was PO'd!!! She talked so badly about us (to SIL who stopped talking to her for a while b/c of this) said we were trashy and really was soooooooo ugly about it. I couldn't believe she could act like that when she had been such a great, hands-on grandmother to out first born. Some people really lack the ability to stop and think about their actions.

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