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Re: What do I do with all our milk? I'm really confused.

Because it's not the easiest thing to stumble across, I wanted to provide the Human Milk Banking Association of North America (HMBANA) milk bank website. This is for NICU babies, and they are collection sites that re-distribute around the country. If you live in a part of the country without a HMBANA site, many of these sites accept mailed donations (they'll send you an insulated box, you fill it with >=250 oz plus some dry ice from places like the grocery store's meat counter, and they pay for you to ship it back). If your closest site won't accept mailed donations, they'll connect you with the closest site that does.

The milk must have been pumped before baby is 1 year old. How many months ago the milk is allowed to have been pumped depends on a few things, such as how fast they are turning over (from what I've heard, it's currently quite fast, so many are able to take milk up to 7 months old, in the deep freeze).

Yes, theoretically they charge for the milk. But it's something like $3.50/ounce (to cover the processing fees), NICU babies aren't drinking a lot (a couple ounces a day at most?), it's been tested to be safe, the babies need it, and often fees will be waived.
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