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Anyone else ever heard of this?

so at my MW office at my 1st appt. they told me i would need to pay off $1000 by my 7th month of pregnancy to cover the cost for a c-section.
OK. FIRST OFF..has anyone else heard of this?
second, i do not have an extra $250 a month to pay that off.
third, who says i am having a c-section? just because i had to have one with DS they automatically think i am going to have a repeat c-section? (for the record i am planning a VBAC.)
This really irritates me. i am almost 8mo pregnant right now and last fri. when i left my doctors appt. the *****y reception lady who i just so happen to get EVERY time i check out says "you owe such and such on your bill and also the $1000 towards the c-section/doctor/obgyn (i don't even know what she called it) bill. she asks me if i am able to pay the $1000 THAT day. i looked at her and go "umm, no...." with a sarcastic smirk on my face. actually, let me just pull that out of my back pocket!!!!
Now, the reason why i havn't made any payments towards that is because i am under my dads insurance right now (thank god) and he told me he would call them and talk to them about it and blah blah. when i first told him about that he was like "NO WAY. that is ridiculous, i will call them and speak to them." and of course 3 months later he hasn't. so i was thinking that he would be dealing with all this, not me.
Anyway, i know they want that money to cover their asses (oops, sorry i am just getting a little p-o'd right now talking about this) IF i was to have a c/s because my insurance would not cover that $1000. but still. come on.
Anyone else's office make you do this?
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