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My MIL & FIL both have passed. I never met FIL but MIL was not my biggest fan. She preferred DH's ex-wife, the one that treated him terribly, cheated on him with his best friend/best man and ultimately left him for another man. That said, MIL wasn't nice or grandmotherly to DS1, her blood grandson, yet loved the ex-wife's son from a high school boyfriend and was very grandmotherly towards him. She was an alcoholic, former heavy drug user and made horrible choices in life so I guess I shouldn't be upset. It does still sting though. I have never been disliked by boyfriends or friends parents in my whole life until I met the woman that would become my MIL.

Maybe they have issues because they feel protective of their children and side with them, even on dumb small things and tend to hold grudges? IDK...

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