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Re: What are my options...12month old??

Everyone is different it seems! If you have a reason to be concerned - like low weight or an allergy then yes stay on formula. I personally also prefer organic. As for right now my baby is almost 11 months and she loves organic whole cow's milk - she's had sips from my spoon while I eat my cereal in the morning. We literally just decided tonight to start mixing her formula & wcm together to get her weaned off the formula for her birthday. She sucked it down - it tastes WAY better than formula. So, this works fine for us and our pediatrician gave us the green light. Have you talked to your pediatrician? Some say to go ahead and wean before 1, some say absolutely no milk until 1. If you wean, do it gradually - a lot of dairy can cause intestinal (internal) bleeding. My baby is pretty used to dairy since starting yogurt at 6 months. Have you introduced sippy cups?
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