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I'm so sorry your little guy is going through this! My ds has had this same problem minus the white watery discharge. My family doc thought it was perhaps yeast and we treated it with OTC lotrimin cream. I did very gently pull back on his foreskin, but not forcibly and not beyond his glans. I spread the cream all around. It started looking better then it came back a couple of weeks later. I had been been putting the same cream on it every so often "just to make sure" it didn't come back. He woke up one morning and it was so red and totally swollen (it had looked fine the night before). After much research and stress, I finally just left it alone (NO more manipulating his foreskin at all or applying any kind of cream) and started putting him in sposies at night (I know, I know). I haven't had a problem since. The Mothering board's choosing not to circ forum has ALOT of information on this too. That board really informed me on many no-circ issues. Good luck!
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