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I have tried A TON!!! Started with Prefolds & bummis covers but was new to CD & with a colic newborn gave up because of poop explosions!
Fast forward 8 months & my co-worker introduced me to ragababe. I bought a few & didn't love the AIO. It fit great but the soaker got stinky really quick. I liked their 2 step better but @ $35 a diaper, I couldn't justify it. Then I tried fitteds & wool but couldn't find a fitted that held my heavy wetter for more than an hour & wool got very expensive. I then switched to thirsties duo pockets & liked them but couldn't get a good fit on my son. I used tiny tush one size pockets & really liked those but got tired of pockets. Eventually found tots bots & love them!!
The only thing I have kept from my original stash is flip organic prefolds & flip covers. A very reliable & affordable option.
BUT this is a dislike thread & I am rambling. Here are my not favorites:
Fuzzibunz - too hard to stuff & fit weird.
Thiristies AIO & duo pocket - couldn't get a good fit & didn't care for the microfiber
Sbish sized fitteds - got really stiff & not that absorbent.
MEOS - not absorbent enough.

I know there are a lot more but those ones stand out
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