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Conferences were today. Everyone loves my new science program, so that bodes VERY well for my job (we are not tenured, but have to be rehired every fall). Sucky part: my last conference laughed at my story about DS, and said 2 1/2 is a great distance between 2 kids, when are we having another. Today is one month since June was born at 8 weeks. Talk about a punch in the gut. I stayed ok there, but cried for the 20 minute ride home. What a kick in the teeth. I just couldn't bring myself to tell her- I KNOW she'd feel awful, and there's no sense in two people feeling that way, KWIM? It's not like she meant to hurt me.

Ugh. I need hugs and liquor tonight. Alas, I won't HAVE liquor, just drink hot cocoa and pretend...
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