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Re: Are we stuck in the 1950's???

Originally Posted by CntryMama View Post
God #1, Husband #2... If he wants his pillow fluffed or a book layed out I will do it. After listening to kids scream and touch me non stop all day, at night I am his. I want to be worth more then rubies to him Prov. 31
while i am a christian and do agree with that concept, i find it hard to even want to put dh on the list with the way he's acted since our 4th was born. we had her at home and he left a few hours later because he wanted to go buy a new riding lawn mower...i've just given birth and you need to take off??? his mom had the older 2 kids, and he did finally take the younger of the boys with him, though he was initially going to leave me with him and the new baby. he stayed home for a week but mostly used it for vacation and being at his mommy's beck and call.
now that i'm back to work, it's even worse. i worked all day yesterday, only to come home to a trashed house. today i got to fold, sort and put away 10 loads of laundry because he couldn't manage to figure out that may need to be done.
i was all for taking care of my dh till he began taking everything for granted. at the end of the day i'm downright exhausted...the idea of then having to make extra time for him just angers me by then. i'm in class for work, working full time, being a full time sahm of 4 for the most part due to my schedule (i'm gone 3 nights while everyone is asleep and then 1 day right now...i figure the least he can do is manage to take care of himself for now
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