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Originally Posted by mrstilly
I can't move him to the middle if he is rear facing. DH needs his seat back too far or he literally cannot fit in the vehicle. I do wish that I had bought a radian instead of the seats we have because they sit lower and would be easier for DS to get into. But DH lost his job last spring and there is no way that we can afford new seats. Or even one new seat. That would be my ideal solution though.

I guess I will give it a bit more time. He will hit 40 pounds soon enough, and at least I know the struggle to get him in his seat won't last forever.
Would he be at all motivated by a reward system? Like an immediate reward in the form of a sticker chart? You could take it to the seat or where he can see it, and once he's climbed in and buckled he can choose a sticker and put it on. It would take more time to get him in that way, but maybe just about as much time as hog-wrestling him into the seat when he's feisty?

My son use to throw the craziest fits at that age about his carseat. And we had the exact same seat - the graco MyRide. Is he verbal enough to ask him if its uncomfortable or hurts his back? Once my son was able to talk he told us that his graco hurt his back. Poor booger.
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