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Actually ovulation tests. I hadn't missed my period when I tested with dd. I got a neg with a pregnancy test, but an ovulation was positive two hours later. I was barely 4 weeks when I went to the doctor two days later. They were shocked I got a positive. They were just the dollar store tests. I have no idea why ovulation tests pick it up earlier, but someone mentioned it to me once and I gave it a try. I only tested because I had heartburn which was totally unheard of for me. Talk about a weird early preg symptom. A week later I would have known because of a constant weak stomach , so at least I got a week heads up before things fell in my lap symptom wise. Nothing would have tipped me off about my son earlier than 8 weeks. Differences are frustrating bc once you've had two, you never know which symptoms (or lack of) mean what. Good luck mama!

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