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Originally Posted by Geckmumto3
The anniversary of my mother's death is coming up. I don't dwell on it (I try not to), but I am one to remember dates. For the last week or two I have smelled her perfume at the oddest times and in the oddest places. It's not a perfume I particularly like. I don't have any in the house, in fact I don't think her perfume has ever been in this house because we moved well after she died. I did keep a bottle for a time, but pitched it when we moved. I have not rifled through anything sentimental, which might have disturbed some scent in an item. I am smelling it at home, in the car and out and about as well. Tonight, I smelled it while standing at the dance studio, waiting for DD to come out of her dance class. Possibly someone else was wearing it, but the other times?

I know scent memory is strong, but this is insanity.
I don't think your crazy at all! I just think your mom is still watching over you
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