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Re: How many did or did Not get rashes or burn from Nellie's or Eco Sprout detergent?

Originally Posted by jnjb View Post
I am just about to pre-wash all of my diapers for the first time. I am so confused . I thought I couldn't use any of they mainstream freed and clear detergents (Tide, ALL, Sunlight, Target, etc). It would be WAY more convenient if I could!! So, what is the truth? Is it just a way to make you pay for one more thing?
You can stick with the main stream, by no means let my post confuse you or make you feel you have to do somthing special. If they work for you and your children have no reactions, it is fine.

We as a family just years ago went to all natural cleaners, actually clean with water and essential oils. So that is why for laundry detergent I am determined to also stay with all natural as much as possible. So my question is just merly a question to address some of the problems that natural detergents can have.

Which is also the same with the mainstream. Some babies react to some and not others.

We are sensitive to additives and chemicals and any unnatural smells that are in everyday mainstream items.

So please do not let this post make you feel you are doing something wrong and need to do something totally different incuring more costs than needed. It is just a personal decision.

Hugs, enjoy prepping your diapers, and hugging, cuddling, and loving your baby. Enjoy you cute cloth diapers swaddling your precious one.

Canadian mama to 13 blessings ds(18), ds(17), ds(15.5), ds(13.5), dd(11.75), ds(10), ds(8.5), ds(6.5), dd(5.5), dd(3.5), dd(2.5) , ds(15 months) and #13 due end of AUGUST. And yes that is while nursing night and day. :O)
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