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Re: What did you get done today?

We took the day off school and whizzed thru our normal chores so we could...

deep clean the office for my husband!

It was a total disaster and my DH let me know when we were on a date this weekend that this (and the garage) were what has been stressing him out lately.

He has been working about 60-80 hours a week and hasn't had any time to do anything. Every time he comes home and goes into the office, he gets depressed and stressed (I thought he was frustrated with me and/or the kids)

Anyway, we cleaned it ALL day! Put the finishing touches on it as he was pulling into the driveway. He was soooooo happy. He still has some work to do on it (which only he can do) but he now sees it as manageable and he can now work and have meetings in the office.

Then, we all worked together on making a yummy dinner.

I am grateful for the day.

Tomorrow, we are surprising him by doing the garage (well, the part of it that we can do - which, unfortunately, will only be about 25% of it). But, I am hoping it will be enough to take the edge off for him.

Now, when he has 4 days off this weekend, 2 of them wont be spent in the office/garage. Yay!
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