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Update in post #33- Does OB's plan sound right? How can I go the natural route?

I've posted before but Backstory:

We got preggo with DS NTNP in 2010 less than 2 months after we decided to stop using birth control and take our chances. Had him in July 2011. Late November 2011 I had a period then we started NTNP. In December we decided to just full out try. After a few visits the Dr said I have Ogli Ammenorreah (sp) and I'd probably end up needing to go on BC to jumpstart Ovulation. We declined because...well, with DS it only took a month or 2.

We'd been trying 5 months and I thought I might be preggo so I made an appt to be checked out and get tested. Negative. OB suggested provera and clomid. I said, "no. let's wait. it's only been 5 months." Tested daily for ovulation and started drinking fertilitea and taking vitex supplements. FINALLY in mid/late August I got a positive for O. Tried and Tried. Second week of September, I got a faint bfp. Hubby and I were so excited. Waited 2 days and tested again. BFP. YES. 2 days later...negative. What? So I called my OB and she told me that I probably had a chemical pregnancy. Said to wait a week and come in if it was still negative. I went in a week later and she tested me and said that if I started to bleed it was a chemical. 2 days later I started bleeding. My first period since Nov 2011. All throughout the end of September to the last week of October I was tested for various things and all in all I got my blood drawled 5 times, had 1 u/s and was in her office 3...or 4 times. OB decided I have Ogli-ammenorreah...A year after diagnosing it the first time. She had forgotten. Wasn't it in the records?? Anyway, she told me that if I didn't get a BFP before November 1st to come in for a blood pregnancy test and then she wanted me to start a round of provera/clomid. Did as told and it was negative so I started provera. It's been two weeks and I haven't bled out yet.

I called OB to ask if this was normal. Not bleeding. She had to call me back and when she did she told me that she had discussed it with another OB and did more research and they believe I am "too thin" and don't have enough "body fat". ETA: I am kind of thin but I am NOT by any means a skinny minnie. She explained that body fat retains estrogen and I need estrogen to help thicken my lining and my lining is not thickening enough for a bleed out. She then explained that she wants me to start a form of BC with an estrogen base called Necon for a month. Also wants me to take estradol 3 times a day and a suppository of endometrin 100. THEN by January and by the time I bleed we can start clomid. I kind of feel like they are making things up as they go and they really have no idea what's wrong with me...

Does this sound right?? I don't want all that in my system! I don't do BC pills well (mood-wise) and I really don't want to try this. It makes me nervous. I'd like to start doing a natural fertility plan again and go from there. I just don't feel comfortable with this. Suggestions? What would you do? What are some natural fertility booster supplements I can take?
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