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Originally Posted by Sarahknavy
I think women think men should all just be secure. But men(like women) have areas where they worry they are good enough, doing enough, smart enough.... And just because the way we are reaffirmed of our insecurities might be different then men, doesn't make them petty or ridiculous or selfish... It makes them humans with emotional needs. Just because the baby is here, doesn't mean we should abandon them and expect them to suck it up for 6 weeks.... Sometimes, they need more than that. After I have a baby, I want my husband to support me breast feeding, I want him to tell me I am still attractive to him, I want him to show me he Appreciates my hard work... Men just need the same reassurance, they just get their reassurance in different ways.
I don't know anyone who thinks their men are automatically secure. I know for myself and my friends, we spend a lot of our free time all other times making our husband's feel secure, loved, appreciated, doing extra things to help. If DH can't step up after I've had a baby and be there for me when I need HIS support then to me that's a big problem.
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