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Re: Need Help. Does OB's plan sound right? How can I go the natural route?

Originally Posted by BeccaSueCongdon View Post
My first question would be to ask what your body fat percentage is. You can get it tested for free at most gyms, and there are little hand-held gadgets to test it. I wouldn't buy the "not enough body fat" thing without that information. With that information. Then I'd go from there.
I already know. My body fat percentage is 32 (point something) % so it's not like I'm extremely thin...I mean to be a normal/average weight I would need to lose 2 more inches from my tummy.

ETA: I have more body fat on me than I did before conceiving DS. I weighed 120 before I conceived him...same height, same everything else. Now I weight 131 and have a higher body fat percentage...That's where I'm confused also.
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