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Re: Can I make a suggestion? :)

Originally Posted by somo_chickenlady View Post
Sometimes a JAWM post isn't a vent, though. What if someone had something happen to them and they just want support, not advice. I don't think that would fit in a vent forum. I posted something along those lines once, and got a ton of advice I wasn't looking for. I simply just didn't respond to those posts but they hurt me more than they helped me (my post was about us stopping TTC after 12 years), and if someone says it is a JAWM post people will know ahead of time that they don't want any advice.
I see what your saying, instead of venting forum it could be called Just Support forum or JAWM with what that means in lighter letters. I really think we need this and I'm not sure people would respect it. I think if it is gonna work, it would have to be put in the title JAWM (Just Agree With Me).
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