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Re: Is this normal...and it WAS not so sure

Update: Things are going MUCH MUCH better. After my last post, DH and I spent an entire Saturday with one or the other of us watching DD like a hawk. Ditto Sunday. I was still pretty stressed out by the time we went to visit family for dinner Sunday night. I talked to my MIL on the phone (she was no help...she said she never tried potty training before her girls were nearing 3). Then I talked to my SIL who was very encouraging--they started at 18 months, abandoned attempt 1 IIRC, and then had complete success by 2 yrs. Just knowing someone IRL who had success with a younger girl gave me confidence...and I also decided to stop worrying about it so much...

The past week has been really amazing. We've had several 100% days and a few days with one miss in a day. And I'm FINE with that. She tells us when she has to go in the car, too, which takes a ton of you-must-stay-home stress off of me. Yay!
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