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Re: What should I tell DD about chores?

I'd be honest. I was reading a parenting book sometime earlier this year that says your kid can tell. They said that the parents doing the whole 'unified front' was unnecessary because if one parent really doesn't care, it shows. Point being: she's gonna know you don't like it no matter what you pretend.

I would just teach her that it's something we do. Whether we like it or not. There's no time like the present to learn that we don't have to like everything we have to do. Best to instill that right away.

ETA: I guess your DD is about 5-6months older than mine - honestly, I don't worry about it. DD can pull out every toy she owns and it will take me 5minutes to clean it all up. Maybe she just doesn't have a lot of toys sometimes I 'make' her help me clean up and sometimes I don't. but I do know I can't be like 'let's pick up the blocks!', I have to be all 'put the red one in here, now get the green one, etc'. Big tasks can seem really really big to little ones. So, maybe if you were able to put it into smaller chunks, she would be less likely to resist. And maybe if the bins are big enough and the toys are fluffy enough, you could interest her in a game of 'baskettoy' tossing the stuffed animals or whatever into the bin.

that's all I've got.
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