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Re: I have too many diapers *rant without direction*

Originally Posted by juliasmom View Post
I am all about simplicity...I have about 45 fitteds and 12 wool covers. It is plenty, but not too much. I never run out and do laundry twice a week. Here is my idea. Put all your stash in on place. When you do laundry put the clean stuff somewhere else. I would sell the stuff in the original place that you dont use after a few weeks.
Excellent advice. Sometimes it just gets to be too much, even if they are all wonderful beautiful perfect diapers that we would love to keep. Figure out what you use and sell what you don't. It will be painful for a while, but you'll feel great in the end. I have been through several systems....and all I own now is flats, covers, and a few nighttime pants. It feels good.
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