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Re: Matilda Jane? Can someone fill me in?

Really? Hippie???? Confused on how that look is does have the peasant top but I didn't think an apron dress or ruffled pants are at all hippie ish.

I think their style is cute and for the girls around here, it would definitely stick out. Most little girls here in the Midwest don't dress up so I love having my daughter wear big bows or styles that are not jeans and a t-shirt.

I think most of their stuff is super cute. A few things I don't love and some things are to die for adorable. I just can't afford that price and can't rationilize spending that amount for that item. Their are tons of patterns out there that will get you the same style. Their fabric choices are pretty cute though so finding fabric that coordinates so well could be a bit harder. Most WAHMS that try to copy the style are able to do so except for the fabric coordination that MJ seems to do so well. Usually I can spot a WAHM dress a mile away in comparison to a high end brand like MJ. (there are a few exceptions out there of course!)
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