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Re: Asked to be adoptive parent...

Originally Posted by Melinda29 View Post
OP--I hope it all works out well for you! Any chance you could adopt both children, just out of curiosity?

Every state is different, but generall the whole "not living wiht anyone" clause is referring to unrelated adults. It is the state's way of preventing children from being adopted into unstable conditions where the parents were cohabiting but not married and future partners would be coming in and going out of the picture (yes, yes, I know what the divorce rate is and I am not saying cohabiting is unstable, that is just how my state views it). So, here at least, you living with your grandma would be fine. Definitely check with an adoption attorney, though. Are you married? That would probably change it, too.
The BM's mother is wanting her little girl but doesn't want anything to do with the new baby otherwise the grandma would be kepping both.

We have had a hard month between what my son's dad is doing to him and my brother passing away. I am still looking for the right att in my area. I am not married which causes problems as well.

Originally Posted by jessicanashville View Post
I would talk to an atty...there is one in our city who handles almost all of them...find one like that. One that knows the ins and outs. This can happen, my cousin met a girl at her garage sale and ended up going to all the Dr appts with her and later adopted the only child she will ever have. Don't get discouraged.
I'm still on the att hunt. I think I want this to happen to much to give up.
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