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Originally Posted by Dani_Phen

I've asked a ton of questions but it just seems like she's trying to push medication on me. We were just starting to try and she told me I'd probably need medication to conceive. I ignored and we started trying. 5 months in we didn't get a positive and she was wanting to start me on fertility meds. I wanted to wait b/c really....5 months isn't terribly long. The end of November marks a full year of TTC and she started me on meds by pushing and pushing and pushing until I finally agreed on November 5th. She got flustered and acted like I was from space when I asked about going a more natural route and then she ignored my question and went on to say, "so this is what we're going to do....start provera Nov 5 after you have a blood preg test on the 1st and it's negative....we are pretty sure of this because you didn't ovulate in October (by way of low progest in bloodwork)." She acts like my opinions don't matter and she's the expert so that's what I'm to do.

I use opk's. I've no idea how to track my cycles. I know a little about cervical mucous and nothing about charting temp. I've heard of but never read that book. I'll check into it. Thanks
The standard - as I've understood it from talking to my friends - around my area is that couples try for one full year before their doctor will suggest/allow intervention. Unless one of you is over a certain age or there are known factors that could interfere with fertility. So it does seem odd to me that she's so set on starting medication right away. But maybe she's counting back for you to back in 2011 when you were NTNP.

And totally get that book! You can probably find it cheap on amazon, eBay, or maybe even at your library. And there is a computer program you can get that keeps track f your data and does the charting for you. I loved it!

We used it for over two years while tta, and then on our first try got pg with dd. I haven't been doing t this time around bc my sleep is so crazy which can throw off temps. But I've been going just on cervical mucous and my dd is 18 mos and so far no baby #3. (

Although I am on cd 35.... 0_o waiting for AF or a BFP)
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