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Re: When to take infant to ER?

I would talk to the nurse, but if it was my child I wouldn't take them unless they don't have a wet diaper for a length of time (I can't remember off hand how long, maybe someone else will know) b/c other than fluids for dehydration, they won't really be able to do anything, and baby will be more comfortable at home. I would just give little squirts of water with a syringe every few minutes and wait it out.

I hope he feels better soon!!

ETA - This is what it says about dehydration due to vomiting on Babycenter:

He shows signs of becoming dehydrated. These can include decreased urination (more than six to eight hours without a wet diaper), dry lips and mouth, crying without tears if he's more than a couple weeks old (it takes two to three weeks for a baby to shed his first tears), lethargy, and dark yellow urine.
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