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Re: Alva stealing prints?

Originally Posted by MTmommyof3 View Post
I will chime in here, because stolen registered artwork that is copyright protected by U.S. law is a serious issue and affects the entire cloth diaper market. We go to great lengths to provide our customers with unique prints that are designed by our in house graphics team here at GroVia.

Yes, Mod Flower, Owls, and Nature all have been stolen and "reproduced" by Alva. There is very little we can do because U.S. copyright laws only protect us for the goods sold here on U.S. soil. What that does mean, is anyone importing these copied prints can be held liable. We take this issue seriously.

Yes, DiaperSwappers does host an Alva Coop featuring our copied prints and we have tried contacting them numerous times asking them to remove the diapers with the stolen prints from the Alva Coop, but they will not reply via email or via the PM system here on the board.
You can fwd those original emails to me since I have no idea where you sent them to or how you tried to contact any of us here on DS. I have not received any emails and your a member here so could also have easily pm'd me, I am here daily.. I have received 0 communication from you. I want to add that this post from you implies you have tried talking to us and we have ignored which has never once happened. If for some reason you did email and it didn't come through, you do know how to contact a member of the ds team, we have the list of all team members all around the board.
Originally Posted by March View Post
Nope, not at all
Originally Posted by november View Post
Wow, disappointed to hear this about DS and their lack of cooperation...

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There is no lack of cooperation, this is the first I have heard of this and those prints just came out and have not been offered here on ds.
Originally Posted by momof3boys1girl View Post
Where are these emails being sent too? Ive been running coops for awhile now along with admin sally and we have seen nothing from you req us to stop running alva. I have heard of emails being sent to other boards but not one to us.

Originally Posted by momof3boys1girl View Post
She hasnt sent us anything. I nor sally have seen or heard anything of these emails till another host on another board spoke about it today on facebook.
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