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Re: When to take infant to ER?

If you aren't BFing, I would suggest plain pedialyte. This will help to keep his electrolyte/vitamin/mineral levels balanced while he is losing so much fluid. I wouldn't do the flavored ones or gatorade (way too much sugar).

Make sure he is having appropriate wet diaper count and that he doesn't have the other physical markers of dehydration (sunken soft spot, dry eyes, dry mouth, etc...).

ETA: I think what the nurse meant about not feeding him while he is vomiting is to not try to feed him formula or solids while he is vomiting. It will likely upset his tummy even more. I have had sick babies who had to just have plain pedialyte for 24 hours and then we slowly weaned them back on the formula (mixed formula and pedialyte and slowly increased the amount of formula and decreased the amount of pedialyte over a day or two).
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