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Originally Posted by mibarra

I don't know anyone who thinks their men are automatically secure. I know for myself and my friends, we spend a lot of our free time all other times making our husband's feel secure, loved, appreciated, doing extra things to help. If DH can't step up after I've had a baby and be there for me when I need HIS support then to me that's a big problem.
I totally agree that husbands have a responsibility to step up after baby. The way I see it... Hey, you do the laundry, and dishes, and get me a snack and some water and I will cuddle with you for 5 min and tell you I love you and thanks for being such a good husband. Like I say, I think the point of the article is legit. . . Realize men are fragile and ways to make him feel special.

I don't stay up late for my husband now, much less when I have to wake up at all hours of the night... But I do kiss him before I trek upstairs.

I also agree with the pp that any relationship in which both parties don't feel supported, should seek counseling and not turn to complacency.
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