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Originally Posted by laineypaige
Well I've bought and have several Alvas and I really like them. I could never have afforded diapers that cost $20 each or even $10 each used. I even bought one of their new prints, that I know now was a copy of someone's design. It's the owl one. But I've never bought or used, or even seen a grovia diaper so I had no way of knowing it was their print. I just thought it was cute so I bought it.

Some of the previous posters were right, ya'll are bashing people like me claiming that by buying Alva diapers we are ruining the cloth diaper industry and all these small businesses. Well I can promise that wasn't my intention. I just wanted to use cloth, but only had a small amount of money to do it with so I went with cheap, and so far, they've worked fine.

I understand the ethical aspect of this, and I won't buy a stolen print again, but I will probably buy Alva diapers again, and I don't think you all should judge me because of that.

I've enjoyed this website since I joined, and all the people I've met through it, but this post is very judgmental, and I know everyone has a right to their opinion and right to voice their opinion, but please don't talk badly about others, because people can get their feelings hurt.
I, for one, am not trying to make anyone feel bad. But I agree with the PP who mentioned that any CD is cheaper than sposies over the long run and that there are definitely cheap options out there. I feel strongly about this topic for the reasons mentioned, namely, products like this create an unfair playing field for the market. This post isn't about judgment or making others feel bad but i hope it makes people think about the ethical side and the bigger picture of piracy and supporting dishonest companies overseas.
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