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Re: I want to get serious about weaning

I'm still nursing her... She's just isn't willing to wean. (I will leave for 5 hours and the second she sees me..... "Ma ma ma ma" starts) She mostly refuses milk in a sippy cup. Being out of the house doesn't help. It doesn't matter where we are ... if she is hungry.

Thankfully, DH is very supportive of DD. He said a million times.... her last feeding was going to be her 1st birthday... Now, he says, "Honey, give it time. She just isn't ready. She needs you." (He doesn't think she will get enough liquids if I stop)

I can't seem to space out the day time feedings BUT I don't nurse her to sleep at night. She is awake (fed and changed) and just falls asleep without a fuss. She is now sleeping through the night! I'm working on spacing out the 1st feeding by giving her food and a sippy. I also am switching up her cups... (giving her a straw sippy, then an open cup, then a take and toss, then a soft silicone top kind) This at least makes it interesting enough that she will drink a little each time it is offered.
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