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Originally Posted by Dani_Phen

Yes. Definitely!

She's asked 3 other OB's opinions and they all seem to have the same basic opinions...I'm not sure where to even start as far as OB's in our new area.

To the bolded. That's what she told me too BUT she's not exactly going with it herself it seems. I looked on amazon and found one for $13. I will place an order tomorrow probably. I had MASSIVE amounts of white mucous two days before starting provera and then it turned to massive amounts of EWCM for a day then I started provera and within 3 days it was all gone. I was so confused. I probably O'd then and missed an egg! Darn it.

I delivered Ds with them. Basically you see whoever is available unless you request someone. I request her because she seemed to be giving solid good advice before. All the other one's I've seen don't seem to really be into their patients. They don't remember you (and neither does she, really). Each time I go in I explain to her what's been going on and she flips back through and reads my file then goes "Ok, so you've done...?" and it's like she really doesn't remember me at all.

Delivery with Ds was just ok...the OB who delivered him had me pushing before I was fully dialated at almost 10cm to soften it up more and then she had me pushing for 1.5 hour on my back and I didn't need to push yet. It wasn't time. I told her it wasn't but she ignored me because she was in a hurry. After 1.5 hours she told me to take a break and tried to get me to do a c section that she'd have to squeeze me into between the one in at that moment and the girl scheduled after the one in there but could do it easily which made me nervous so I refused and she seemed annoyed. When she came back a couple of mins later, she had me lay on my side and push. I didn't need to yet and told her so. She told me to push anyway. Ds's head wasn't even in the canal yet. Suddenly almost 2 hours of pushing later I got that sudden urge that it was time to push and I needed to push so I pushed and he was born with 3 quick pushes. She pulled the placenta out instead of letting it be delivered. She tossed him on me and didn't even look where she was tossing and he almost slid right off of me to the floor. I had to catch him.

After typing all of that out....overall I'm not pleased with anyone in the practice there, I suppose. They all seem to just want to do things quick and fast and like they don't have time to figure out the real problem. Something just doesn't feel right about all these meds...I mean, that's going to be 5 different medications within two months time. That can't be good for my body to go through and I feel like they are just wanting me to go the quick and easy route without figureing out the real problem, you know?
It sounds like you have a gut feeling about this already. :-)

I'm excited to hear what you think about the TCOYF book. It looks a little intimidating, but once you get the hang of it things will be second nature.

Regarding your CM: ewcm lasting for only three days isn't out of the norm. Usually the ewcm is the most fertile possible quaility(aka - friendliest to sperm) and happens the few days before you O. For most women you can assume that the first day of NON-ewcm after a day or more of it means you o'd. Once you O your body sort of locks things back down really fast and it can go from lots of ewcm to non-fertile quality.

Since you guys are trying to conceive, a good approach for now would be to baby-dance at the first sight and ewcm. Then as you get more familiar with your charting and your pattern you'll be able to almost pinpoint it within a day or two. :-) And if you aren't ovulating you'll see that too.

Did I read correctly that you're not having a regular AF as well?
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