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Re: Black friday!!

Originally Posted by lady longs View Post
I would love to see something that approaches 20% off (with discount/ freeebies/ shipping all accounted for). As a consumer, anything less than a 20% discount doesn't really make me move any differently than I was already planning to. As a business owner, I have also seen this to be true from people who shop from me.

So, any combination of fun things that brings it close to 20% less than retail is great - buy 5 get 1 free, 10% off plus freebies (I think its GREAT when you offer people a choice on their freebies - 2-3 choices so they can get something they really like!). I don't really like it when freebies are a surprise. That wouldn't move me to purchase more.

I personally don't like sales that give me a discount off future purchases b/c I usually do most of my shopping all at once (I am not a cd addict though making multiple purchases - much more of a minimalist - so you may not wanna take my opinion on that). Plus, I always forget to use my future discounts - so when I see those types of specials, I don't use them. That being said, I do think that a lot of other mamas like that. I think I may be in the minority here.

I don't NEED free shipping, but I do really enjoy it - but any shipping that falls under $5 works for me. Like a flat rate shipping - all orders ship for $3.95 or something like that. If shipping goes over $5, I typically won't buy it (unless I am placing a really large order)

Personally, i don't do anything with "points", but I know a lot of people really like that.

I like discounts on multiple quantities too.

I am shopping for fuzzibunz one size elite, wet bags (name brand), swim diapers (I am sure those WONT be on sale ha ha ha), wipes warmer replacement pads, and little soap cubes for wipes.

Hope that helps! Thanks for asking for feedback on your sales!
I agree about the points although I have to get free shipping to order. I won't order if I have to pay for shipping. So the free shipping always draws me in!
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