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Originally Posted by cathplyr
you need to keep it all for your baby. she is way too young for you to donate it. she needs all of it. If you have not used it when she is ready to wean then donate. you just never know what life brings. you could be sick and on medicine (and have "contaminated milk") and she will need that freezer milk. you could have an emergency in the family and need to leave her with someone. your supply could diminish. you could suddenly have financial issues and need to work. she could get teeth early and start biting you and you may need it. life is so uncertain. yes be very very possessive of it. lol
I had to "cold turkey" wean my dd at 15 months so I could go on some medication. We tried for several weeks to nurse while I was taking it but she had an allergic reaction to it. :-(

I had stopped pumping when she was around 11/12 months so I had long run through my freezer stash. I hadn't ever thought of storing it up for her in case I needed to wean. I'll definitely keep that in mind though for baby #3.
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