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Making Flats out of something other than Birdseye

I was thinking of making some flats...But with a craft room full of fabric, I don't want to have to buy birdseye. Can you make flats out of anything other than birdseye?

I don't own any flats to compare. I figure hemming preshrunk fabric to 27"x27" would be easy so that is not an issue. I was reading about people making them from old sheets (I don't think that would snappy?), curtains, etc. So would a Woven (like quilting weight) work? Also I've read people use old flannel receiving blankets as flats. What about old tshirts or stretch 100% cotton jersey knits? I think I might have some 100% cotton waffle knit also. (like thermal underwear fabric) Would the stretch make them work better (Would it be easier since t-shirts are snappyable?) Would stretch Cotton Terry work? I also have gauzy muslin fabric like A&A blankets... Would that work?

Does anyone have any non-birdseye flats? What works well? Anyone have 2 layer flats? (Like a turned and topstitched with different fabrics?) Is there such a thing as a 2 layer flat?

Feel free to bounce ideas off me! Any advise welcome!
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