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Re: Another MIL post..WWYD?

Originally Posted by BeccaSueCongdon View Post
It doesn't sound so much like drama to me (at least what I was picturing) as it does she's trying to throw a pity party for herself. Some people are just Debbie Downers like that and will take every comment anyone makes and turn it into a "look at meeeeeeee" sort of thing.
With her..I just know this is the beginning. This past spring we started ignoring her completely and she called our house 11 times in the middle of the night (around midnight on a work night), it was so bad that we just had to answer the phone or else it wasn't going to stop. She's also constantly emailing step MIL telling her that she's not a grandma and not to call my DH her son, because she's not their grandma or his mother. Which breaks my heart because I'm also a step mama.

I guess I'll just keep the gift, send a very generic TY card, and carry on.
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